About Wishsticks

The Story of Wishsticks

The name Wishsticks was born in 2001 with the idea of sending good wishes and healing to friends and family in the form of a candlestick.  The name was later used for Wishsticks Reiki & Relaxation, in a similar theme of sending healing although this time with Reiki energy.  

Wishsticks is a now busy Wellbeing practice and, having come full circle back to the origins of its name, we are now supplying Wishsticks Reiki Candles – please click here for more details.

Keep in touch with the latest news from Wishsticks by popping over to facebook.com/WishsticksWellbeing and Liking our page, or find us on Instagram at instagram.com/wishstickswellbeing .



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Wishsticks Wellbeing

Wishsticks Wellbeing is run by Amanda McDermott, Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Coach. Amanda has worked with Reiki for nearly 20 years and has been teaching for more than a decade. Reiki consultations are available for ladies and children up to 5 years old. Amanda also runs courses and workshops to teach Reiki and wellbeing to others. Wishsticks Reiki Candles and Reflection Cards can be purchased by clicking the blue Shop Now button above. Please visit www.wishsticks.co.uk for more information or call Amanda on 07970513989. Thank you x
Wishsticks Wellbeing
Wishsticks Wellbeing2 months ago
This morning, this little brooch caught my eye as it sat on my shelf. It sums up what today is all about – after over a year of being tucked away, we’ve finally emerged and can help clients again. The Retreat is finished and feels like the calm sanctuary I had hoped for. I’m looking forward to seeing my first client today. Have a great day everyone! 🦋

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Wishsticks Wellbeing
Wishsticks Wellbeing2 months ago
The Retreat is open for treatments and courses 💕

Ladies – come and escape for a while.

It’s time to look after yourself with a rebalancing Reiki treatment. Alternatively come and learn to use Reiki yourself so that you can treat yourself, friends and family.

Please call me for information on all available treatments and courses, or to book: (+44) 07970513989.

Reiki Candles and Chakra Artwork can be purchased online at https://www.wishsticks.co.uk/gift-shop

Wishsticks Wellbeing
Wishsticks Wellbeing3 months ago
In the run up to Mothering Sunday we are sharing some helpful tips on how to cope with the day ahead if you are grieving 💜

There are a number of things you can do that may help, such as finding your own special and unique way to mark the day 💛

You can find out more on our website 👇


Wishsticks Wellbeing
Wishsticks Wellbeing3 months ago
Enjoying some peace for a few hours. No tv or radio on, no meetings happening in other rooms. No-one else at home right now. I’m off to do some Reiki and enjoy the quiet x
Wishsticks Wellbeing
Wishsticks Wellbeing
Wishsticks Wellbeing3 months ago
Very interesting article which explains why we might be feeling “Zoomed Out”. (Shared by Kathryn Coughtrey of OneBreath).