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The Story of Wishsticks

The name Wishsticks was born in 2001 with the idea of sending good wishes and healing to friends and family in the form of a candlestick. Β The name was later used for Wishsticks Reiki & Relaxation, in a similar theme of sending healing although this time with Reiki energy. Β 

Wishsticks is a now busy Reiki practice and, having come full circle back to the origins of its name, we are now supplying Wishsticks Reiki Candles – please click hereΒ for more details.

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Wishsticks Reiki

Wishsticks - Reiki Consultations, Courses, Workshops & Candles. Wishsticks Reiki is run by Amanda McDermott, Reiki Master Teacher and Intuitive Coach. Amanda has worked with Reiki for over 15 years and has been teaching for more than a decade. Reiki consultations are available for ladies and children up to 5 years old. Amanda also runs courses and workshops to teach Reiki and Crystal healing to others. Wishsticks Reiki Candles bring rebalancing energy to your home. These can be purchased by clicking the blue Shop Now button above. Please visit www.wishsticks.co.uk for more information or call Amanda on 07970513989. Thank you x
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Have a lovely weekend everyone πŸ’•
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Happy Monday everyone - what have you got planned for today? X
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Gardening can be a simple way to exercise Mindfulness. Focus your attention on weeding, mowing or planting. Think about the feel, shapes and colours. Bring your awareness to the scents and sounds as you work. You can use a potted plant if you don't have access to a garden. If you use Reiki, remember to Reiki your plants! I love the way this lupin has kept a raindrop in reserve #reikilife #mindfulness
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The time has arrived! Wishsticks Reflection Cards are now available via our website:

A set of 32 cards designed for reflection, thought and guidance. They can help to provide confirmation of your decisions or they can challenge your thinking.

As a Thought for the Day – pick one card at random and reflect on how this word is relevant for your day ahead.
As Guidance – we are often drawn to pick the exact word we need to hear in order to guide us in our current situation
As a Conversation Starter – useful in therapy sessions and relationship discussions.
As an Ice Breaker - for course leaders, these cards can help people find common ground or discuss different perspectives.

Each set comes in its own cotton drawstring bag and costs Β£10. Visit our website to order or call 07970513989. πŸ’œ