Detailed below are some quotes from the testamonials I have received.  You can also see Google testimonials by looking at the Reviews section here .

“My eldest son was diagnosed with high functioning Asperger’s, on the Autistic spectrum several years ago and is now 16.  With increasing pressures at school and with exams he had become increasingly anxious, a common symptom of the condition and was not sleeping properly which was in turn affecting his studies. 

Amanda suggested she teach me the Reiki First Degree to see if me practising on him could help him relax and reduce his stress levels as well as re-energise him when needed. Being a naturally cynical person I had previously never considered using something like Reiki to help, but Amanda explained in full the history of the technique and how it works which made sense to me.

 Having learnt the technique I immediately started to use it on Lucas and although I’m sure I don’t get it spot on every time, he has repeatedly told me it has helped him relax and has also told the teachers at his school it has helped. For any parent dealing with a stressed child of any age I would recommend giving her course a go.  Thank you Amanda.”   Laura Berrill – The Laura Berril PR Agency

[Video Testimonial for Wishsticks Reiki Candles from Faye Janes of Beauty and The Beard]

“I could literally feel the energy rushing through my body and felt so energised.”

“Amanda has a natural gift for making me feel safe and welcome to have a Reiki session.  Being a mother of a toddler and six months pregnant, the session I had was an energising experience and left me feeling refreshed.  I would definitely recommend Amanda and am looking forward to my next Reiki session already. Thank you.”

 “Amanda made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  Reiki is a revelation; it made me feel refreshed and happy and so relaxed. I was amazed at the energy and warmth I felt, and the sense of liberation.  Being five months and a half months pregnant, I also felt a real sense of calm. I will certainly be organising further sessions!”