Chakra Mandalas

Balance, Mindfulness and Creativity

Try an alternative way to rebalance your chakras with free flow mandala drawings.  A mandala is a circular drawing which represents the Universe in Hinduism and Buddism.

Drawing mandalas is a relaxing and mindful way to connect with your chakras.  The beauty of free flow is that you can be as expressive as you wish.  No shape is wrong because each shape is produced by you.  Free flow drawing is perfect in its imperfections!  We are not constrained by exact angles and lines, we allow our creativity to flow.  There is no need to be an accomplished artist – we are simply mark making and producing a beautiful result.

Our chakra points each resonate with vibration of a different colour.  At times these chakras can become blocked or out of balance.  This can be realigned by using the colours associated with them.  When we are in balance we are able to think, feel and function clearly.

We will start with a practise mandala to get you in your groove. 

In the following sessions, we start with a guided meditation to connect into each chakra and will produce a mandala as a result.  We will use the colours associated with each chakra and so you will need a pencil or pen in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Pink, Light Blue, Indigo and Violet.  You can use several shades of each colour if you wish to build your colouring set further.  One thing you don’t need is a rubber! When you are drawing in free flow, mistakes do not exist – they are simply alternative expressions of intent or markers of issues to be looked at.

The course is primarily running on Facebook with a small private group.  This provides a forum for you to make comment or ask questions as you work through the course.  If you don’t have a Facebook account or prefer to work privately, you can still take part by viewing the videos on a secure YouTube link.  Each week, there will be two meditations with drawing sessions, plus one live Facebook broadcast.  You can watch live or you can view the recorded replay on Facebook or YouTube.  This allows you to work at your own pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t draw! Is this course for me?

Yes! Absolutely.  We are not reproducing a realistic image of a person or object.  We will be drawing very simple shapes and marks.  The beauty comes from the mindful process, the repetition of these lines and the overall pattern they create.

Do I need to know about Chakras before we begin?

No, this course is designed to include a basic explanation about each chakra point as we work through them during the meditations.  These explanations can help you identify areas in which you may be stuck, energetically or emotionally.  Working with colours which resonate with the chakra point, can help us clear blockages and regain balance.

I can’t make it each week.  Can I catch up?

Yes, the sessions are recorded so you can catch up if you miss the live broadcast.  You can access the sessions for an additional four weeks after the course finishes.

Course Date: Please enquire for next availability