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By taking a little time to rebalance, you are more able to handle the challenges of today’s busy lifestyles. Looking after yourself is an important first step in being able to look after others, work efficiently and function effectively.  When balanced we have more energy, we can think more clearly, we feel revitalised, de-stressed and relaxed. 

How we can help

I am an experienced Reiki Practitioner and Teacher and I would be pleased to help you:

Reiki Consultations These sessions are focused towards Women’s Wellbeing and I work with ladies to regain balance in their lives.

Courses & Workshops For those people who would like to learn Reiki, I teach Reiki to beginners through to Reiki Teacher level: for personal use or for use in a practice.  I also run Connecting with Nature courses and Crystal Healing courses.

In our Gift Shop you can find further help from the products we provide:

Wishsticks Reiki Candles to create a balanced environment at home or work – an ideal gift to yourself or others! 

Wishsticks Reflection Cards to provide a thought for the day, guidance and support.

If you would like to find out more or if you would like to book consultations or courses, just give me a call.  Tel: 07970513989

Signed by Amanda x

Amanda McDermott – Reiki Master Teacher & Intuitive Coach

“The session left me feeling tranquil and calm…”

…” enlightening and relaxing”

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