Living in Balance

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What is Living In Balance? 

Living in Balance is a wellbeing community for working women.  We aim to provide opportunities for growth through wellbeing and balance.  Being part of a community allows us to share experiences, knowledge and to support each other.

Once a month, we meet up and I am delighted to say that this is in person – an ideal time to get out and about reconnecting with people.  During the meeting, you are invited to tell us about your ongoing work or personal projects and/or ask for input.  There will be a discussion with a different focus such as work/life balance, personal development and working smarter.

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Our current venue is The Beech House in Amersham, Buckinghamshire.  We get together at midday (12.00pm to 2.00pm) so lunch is provided during the session.

In addition, there is a private Facebook Group where you can interact with the community throughout the month, posting questions, sharing knowledge or support.  Many members work alone and value time in the company of other women who understand the challenges we face.  For all members, it is an opportunity to gain feedback and a new perspective from others outside of their own business.   

“Surround yourself by people who get you”

How do I get involved ?

Come along and visit us so that you can see what happens in our meetings.  The cost is £25 which includes your lunch.

After your initial visit you can decide whether you would like to join the group.  Membership costs £150 annually plus a meeting fee of £25 per month.  Please call 07970513989 or email to book or find out more.