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What is Living In Balance? 

Living in Balance is a wellbeing community for working women.  We aim to provide opportunities for growth through wellbeing and balance.  Being part of a community allows us to share experiences, knowledge and to support each other.

Once a month, we hold a Check In session using a virtual meeting platform.  You are invited to check in and tell us about your ongoing work or personal projects and/or ask for input.  There will be a discussion with a different focus such as work/life balance, personal development and working smarter.

Date                            Focus

15th July                     Work/Life – In or Out of Balance?

19th August               What does your work do for you?

16th September        Delegation

21st October              Creating the right workspace

18th November         Who’s on your team?

16th December         Inspiration


The sessions will take part on Zoom and you will receive a link to sign into the session each month.  We get together at midday (12.00pm to 1:30pm) so you are welcome to eat lunch during the session.

In addition, there is a private Facebook Group where you can interact with the community throughout the month, posting questions, sharing knowledge or support.


How do I get involved?

Book a trial Check In session for £15.  Alternatively start your Living in Balance subscription (£15pm) and gain immediate access to the Facebook Group prior to the next monthly session.  (For those joining in June 2020, your first subscription fee will not be due until 1st July 2020.) 

“Surround yourself by people who get you”

Call 07970513989 or email to book or find out more.