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Crystals and Reflection Cards

About Amanda’s teaching:

“She is so passionate and experienced and creates such a beautiful space to learn in. Cannot recommend highly enough. “

Working with natural energy and intuition


From when I first started working with Reiki, my interest in natural energy healing and intuition has grown.  Simple gifts which we were all born with but that we may have lost over time.  Often when clients come on my courses, they recognise familiar feelings and abilities which they have overlooked or subconsciously stopped using.

We feel the impact of energy throughout the day in our interactions with others and feelings about places.  Have you ever felt drained by spending time with certain people or groups?  Do you feel uncomfortable when entering particular rooms or buildings?  By understanding the effects of energy, you can protect yourself without having to withdraw or avoid these situations. On the flip side, you may have a favourite place to sit and rest, or favourite people who seem to lift you up.  You can explore this further in our Understanding Energy Course, which will help you to understand and work with these energies.

Do you often have a strong feeling about something, only to find out later that you were right?  How many times have you thought about a friend, only for the phone to ring and find them calling you?  You may be interested in Developing Your Intuition to learn how to trust your instincts

One of the oldest forms of natural healing is the use of crystals.  Tap into their beneficial energies, find out how to care for and use these beautiful stones on the Crystal Healing Workshop

And of course, where I started in the first place – Reiki. Visit the Reiki pages to find out about treatments and courses which can help you.


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