What Our Clients Say…

Here are some of the reviews and testimonials received from customers and clients.  You can also see Google reviews by clicking here .


Thank you again. I haven’t slept well for weeks but last night I had a fabulous night sleep. It’s such a relief!” Jo

“I had a reiki session with Amanda at a time when I was feeling as though I was ‘losing the plot’ in my business life. Reiki has made an huge difference to my mindset. Part of the session was to discuss why I was feeling out of control and some strategies for dealing with those feelings. The reiki session itself was tremendously calming and soothing, and for the first time in a long time I felt as though I was properly taking care of myself, which Amanda made me realise my clients would thank me for. By the end I was feeling much more like my normal self again. I can recommend Amanda and Wishsticks Reiki 100%” HS

“I could literally feel the energy rushing through my body and felt so energised.”

“Amanda has a natural gift for making me feel safe and welcome to have a Reiki session.  Being a mother of a toddler and six months pregnant, the session I had was an energising experience and left me feeling refreshed.  I would definitely recommend Amanda and am looking forward to my next Reiki session already. Thank you.”

 “Amanda made me feel very comfortable and at ease.  Reiki is a revelation; it made me feel refreshed and happy and so relaxed. I was amazed at the energy and warmth I felt, and the sense of liberation.  Being five months and a half months pregnant, I also felt a real sense of calm. I will certainly be organising further sessions!”


“I have done Reiki I,II & III with Amanda and have found her to be a great source of inspiration as well as a great teacher. Her guidance and spirituality are spot on. What is more, she tailored the courses to accommodate my own needs, whilst covering the content. As ever, I was made to feel comfortable and welcome in her space which is both emotionally secure and comfortable to be in. I have learned a huge amount over the years with Amanda, both about Reiki and about myself. Her guidance and accessibility are incredibly helpful. She is supportive, knowledgeable and is passionate about what she does. Highly recommend.” ST

“I learnt Reiki 1 and 2 with Amanda who is calm, kind and patient. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend anyone train with her.” Fiona

“Amanda is an amazing teacher. I have studied Reiki I and II and am looking forward to further study with her. She is so passionate and experienced and creates such a beautiful space to learn in. Cannot recommend highly enough.” Michele

“My eldest son was diagnosed with high functioning Asperger’s, on the Autistic spectrum several years ago and is now 16.  With increasing pressures at school and with exams he had become increasingly anxious, a common symptom of the condition and was not sleeping properly which was in turn affecting his studies. 

Amanda suggested she teach me the Reiki First Degree to see if me practising on him could help him relax and reduce his stress levels as well as re-energise him when needed. Being a naturally cynical person I had previously never considered using something like Reiki to help, but Amanda explained in full the history of the technique and how it works which made sense to me.

 Having learnt the technique I immediately started to use it on Lucas and although I’m sure I don’t get it spot on every time, he has repeatedly told me it has helped him relax and has also told the teachers at his school it has helped. For any parent dealing with a stressed child of any age I would recommend giving her course a go.  Thank you Amanda.”   Laura Berrill – The Laura Berril PR Agency

Please visit YouTube for a video testimonial from Liz Baranov about her experience on the Wishsticks Reiki 1 Course: Watch Now



“As a therapist it’s important for me to create a calm, safe atmosphere in my therapy room and Amanda’s Reiki candles do exactly that – they smell amazing, and are really great quality. I highly recommend Amanda’s Reiki candles as well as her Reflection Cards.” KC

“Beautiful candles which burn well & smell fantastic!” HL

“OMG!!!! These candles are AMAZING!!! Lit one this afternoon and it’s doing wonders for me. Just at the point I thought I was about to lose the plot! Thank you sooooo much” SH

“I absolutely love my candles, the smell is amazing! They create a calm and relaxing atmosphere at home. Being a busy working mum, with 2 children this is much need requirement for the evening.” LP

“I can’t recommend Amanda’s candles enough. Not only do they burn beautifully and smell amazing, they bring a very definite air of calm for those stressful moments. I also love the fact that they are ethically sourced and made in the UK. They make perfect gifts and I make sure I have a constant supply. I wouldn’t be without them!” KT

[Video Testimonial for Wishsticks Reiki Candles from Faye Janes of Beauty and The Beard]

“I recently bought some of the Reiki candles from Wishsticks and they are fab! I was really sceptical about whether they would work for me but I noticed a difference after the first use! They have a lovely subtle smell too which is great. I am now a regular customer 🙂” Faye Janes

Reflection Cards

“I bought some wishsticks reflection cards and my family has instantly taken to them! We keep them in a jar on the table and each take one every day; it’s amazing how consistently relevant they are. Great thoughts and lovely images.” DW

“I would also like to recommend Amanda’s Reiki cards which are ‘stop & breathe’ moments at the start of the day and help to focus and inspire. Thank you Amanda.” JW


“Amanda is a fabulous artist, I requested a commissioned piece and she produced the work to a high and beautiful standard. Definitely recommend!” RM

“I absolutely love my third eye chakra artwork by Amanda. It is beautiful and brings a little of her creativity in to my home.. I intend to collect them all 💖” MR