Booking Terms and Conditions


All Reiki consultations include treatment and consultation time.  I ask for at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation so that the appointment may be offered to another client.  If bookings are cancelled within 24 hours a cancellation fee of £20 is charged unless the cancellation is due to COVID-19.  Clients under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who will give their written consent prior treatment.  As there is not a supervised waiting area, clients are not permitted to bring children with them, with the exception of babies under 12 months who will be kept with the client during the treatment. The client accepts full responsibility for their baby throughout the treatment and understands that their treatment may be disturbed if their baby does not settle.

Reiki Events: 

In order to numbers at a comfortable level, places may be restricted to a maximum number and are booked on a first come first served basis.  If a payment is required for the event, the booking will not be considered complete and the place will not be reserved until payment is received.  Participants will need to have completed a minimum of Reiki One/First Degree Reiki or higher depending on the event. Qualification requirements will be listed in any advertisement of the event.


Reiki courses are booked with a £50 per day, non-refundable deposit, the remainder of the payment being due on the day of the course. The deposit will be fully refunded if the course is cancelled by Wishsticks, if the cancellation is due to COVID-19, or if the date needs to be changed and a suitable alternative date cannot be arranged. When studying Reiki 2 or Reiki Masters, students will be asked to provide copies of their previous Reiki certificates if their original courses were taken elsewhere.

Energy Workshops: 

Full payment of the workshop fee will be required to reserve a place.  This fee is non-refundable, unless the workshop is cancelled by Wishsticks or if the cancellation is due to COVID-19.


Payment for treatments or gift vouchers can be made by card, cash or bank transfer.  Credit terms are not offered. Client records will be kept in the form of a written client record form or course booking form.  Electronic records are restricted to name, address, telephone and email address.  No client details will be passed on to third party organisations without the specific written request of the client, unless required to do so by law or in order to resolve payment disputes. When booking a treatment, clients accept that Reiki is a complementary therapy and that they should consult a GP for any known or suspected medical issues. I do not recommend discontinuing any medication or stopping any course of medical treatment. Such decisions should be made in consultation with a qualified GP or relevant medical expert. I reserve the right to refuse or discontinue treatment of clients at my discretion.