Connecting with Nature

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Reconnecting with nature is a simple, accessible way to ground ourselves.

It enables us to identify our true self, introduce calming practices into our day and gives us a strategy for handling the stress that life can deliver.

5 week online course in which you can participate from home and nature spots near you.

In this online course, we will look at simple methods for connecting with different elements of nature and energy. The areas covered are:
Trees and Plants; Earth; Water; Air.

We will guide you through meditations, mindfulness exercises and observations: Connecting with Nature from the heart chakra, grounding and rebalancing. We will teach you tools to use as daily practice and in times of crisis. Whilst you will identify favourites amongst these, we have ensured that there is a variety for you to use in different places and seasons throughout the year. At the end of the course, you will have a variety of tools to rely on for self help.

The course will also have creative experiences where you can bring these nature connections into the home, whether you live in a city centre or the countryside. We will be making a Japanese dry rock garden, a water feature and a wind mobile.

Join Amanda McDermott and Olwen Jennings to reconnect with nature and your natural essence.

Photograph of Amanda and Olwen with heart shaped image of leaves. Text says We have shared a love of working with energy and Reiki for about 18 years. We are Reiki Master Teachers and Intuitive Coaches, working with clients to rebalance their energies and reconnect with their true selves. Olwen is also a Spiritual Channel with a gift for working with tree energy and channelling guides. You can find more about our backgrounds by following the links below.

This course will suit anyone who feels they have lost their sense of self/feels overwhelmed/is tired of the negative news they hear each day/wants a way to switch to a calmer way of living.

It will also suit anyone who simply wishes to tune into nature’s energies to get more from their walks and rambles.

The course will be set in a Facebook group, from which you can access all the material. The material will be delivered over 5 consecutive weeks, but will remain available for at least two months so that you can take your time. We will have live sessions on Facebook which will be recorded so that you can catch up later. You can choose to interact with others on the course, as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

Booking Details

The course will be delivered for 5 consecutive weeks. Whilst there will be set times for the live sessions, it is your choice when you access the material over a period of two months.  Please contact us to find out the next available start date.


Want to chat before booking? We’d love to help so please give us a call. Amanda: +44 7970513989 Olwen: +44 7515654551

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