Hand Drawn & Embossed Copper Artwork – The Seven Chakras


Set of hand drawn Chakra Artworks – Seven Designs representing the Seven Chakra Points. Embossed in Copper. Website Exclusive Price £150.



Healing Inspired Artwork based on the seven main Chakra Points.

Full set of seven pictures representing each of the main seven Chakras and featured the associated symbols.

“I Understand” – Crown Chakra
“I See” – Third Eye Chakra
“I Speak” – Throat Chakra
“I Love” – Heart Chakra
“I Do” – Solar Plexus Chakra
“I Feel” – Sacral Chakra
“I Am” – Root Chakra

Each design features the petals of the chakra along with the symbol itself. Each piece is hand-drawn and embossed by Amanda McDermott. The design is embossed onto copper. Framed and mounted.

The frames can be freestanding or wall hung.

15 x 15 cm frame with 10 x 10 cm design.

Designs can be purchased individually. Please see separate listings or message me for details.

Website Exclusive Price £150.



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